Interaction in Sign language and true professionalism

We, the staff of Viparo, are a Finnish and Swedish speaking group of deaf and hearing Sign language users with high language proficiency, and we are proud of our diversity.

We value our multilingual and multicultural team and the proficiency of Sign language our employees have. We are proud of our professionalism and versatility of special skills. We wish to improve every day so we continue to educate ourselves through additional training and shared information.

Our expertise lies in language and communication. We value the strong presence we bring to our assignments – owning to our responsibilities and respecting all participants of each situation. We value the sense of discretion and consideration that our employees have, which enables effortless communication and equal and independent participation for our clients.

Open communication, flexibility and mutual trust are highly valued within our work community, as well as in collaborating with our partners and clients. It is also important to us that we feel well. Employees who feel good and appreciated are more motivated: they produce high-quality service and strive to do their best with each client. This is why we put focus on the well-being of our employees and take care of each other. When we feel good, others can see it too.